Collegiate expo was a great experience, however one thing stood out from the experience. Personally, the information I took the most out of was during Del Warren’s seminar on Laneplay. He told us how to identify whether or not the topography on the lane will allow you to play up the gutter. This information was very useful throughout Junior Gold!  All in all collegiate expo was a great experience, thank you for everything you did for us!

James Ruoff, Battle Creek, MI

Thank you for having a great program (Collegiate Expo) for both the students and the parents.   I think all of the staff and coaches where great. Dry Dean was a great addition to the group.  Thank you again and my daughter cannot wait to sign up for next year!!

Stacey Sarmiento, Rochester, NY

I have attended Turbo Tech the past 3 years. I have made some great connections with potential student athletes there. As a College coach it is wonderful to see the quality of coaching both Physical game and Mental game that the students receive. The Turbo staff does an excellent job connecting the Students with the College Coaches by providing the student profiles, Allowing the College coaches to be in the bowling area during the tournament and then the recruiting booths following the tournament. Not only has the recruiting side been a wonderful experience for me but I have also learned a great deal through the break out sessions for the coaches. My 2 favorites are the Dr. Dean session and the round table discussions. If you are looking for a place to recruit and gain some knowledge then you must attend Turbo Tech!

Kyle Woodcock, Alma College

The collegiate expo is one of the best events of the year for us coaches to really evaluate recruits. Turbo makes the event one of the easiest to see bowlers of all ages and has a simple way to identify them as we watch them throughout the event. Not only does the event allow coaches to see hundreds of the best high school athletes but gives college programs the opportunity to give information about their school and see which school could be the best match for the student athlete.

Katie Thornton, SCAD Savannah

I want to thank Turbo Grips for hosting the Collegiate Expo. My first year, 2014, I attended the Rochester, NY event. I signed one male bowler from Michigan because I was at that event. I have attended the 2015, 2016 & 2017 Expos in Joliet, IL, Indianapolis, IN and Cleveland, OH.

I have the possibility of signing 4 student/bowlers, 2 men and 2 women, after attending the Cleveland Expo. Everything at the Collegiate Expo’s are geared towards helping the student/bowlers improve their individual game plus giving them the opportunity to talk with colleges and universities that have college bowling. It also explains some the things that they and their parents need to do to apply for college.

I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and talk with many student/bowlers and their parents. Also, having them bowling while we as coaches are watching and evaluating their ability is great. Thank you for this tremendous experience.

Jerry Ulrich Culver, Stockton College Bowling Coach Go Wildcats!!

I think the Collegiate Expo presented by Turbo is the one of the best instructional events in the country each year and is the best recruiting event in College bowling. The Collegiate Expo does a great job of providing  fun, expertise, recruiting information, and networking opportunities for the Players, the Parents, the Coaches and the Sponsors.

Mike Kubacki, Head Coach Mens Bowling Calumet College of St Joseph

The first two years the Collegiate Expo first started, going back to my sophomore year of high school, it was a big eye opener. Being as young as I was and just starting high school bowling, knowing that I can further my career in bowling at the collegiate level became a big motivator. The staff at the Collegiate Expo greatly helped me enhance my game that made me very successful throughout my high school career and now the collegiate level. I ended my high school career at Adlai Stevenson High School as a back-to-back Macomb County Team Champion. I was named Miss Macomb County as well as a Detroit Free Press Dream Team member and a Dexter All-American Team member. Was it not for the help of the Collegiate Expo I would not have been able to accomplish all of this and been given the chance to sign with an NCAA McKendree University in Lebanon Illinois and competing on the travel team to NCAA tournaments. The Collegiate Expo was a great experience and gave me an opportunity I will always remember.

Lauren Krywy

I cannot thank you and your staff enough for creating such a wonderful program and look forward to attending it again this summer.  As a former collegiate bowler and now collegiate coach, I wish this program was around when I was a high school student.  Not only does it give me access to potential recruits and their families but the coaching that these bowlers are receiving from your staff is extremely helpful as they make that transition from high school to collegiate bowling.  Three of my current athletes, that were instrumental in helping our team make it to the program’s first ever Nationals appearance this April, I met through the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo. This program and all of Turbo’s promotions for this event help spread the word about our bowling teams here at Adrian College. That is a tremendous help as most bowlers and their families don’t know all colleges out there that have collegiate bowling teams. I highly recommend that any high school bowler looking to bowl in college attend the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo.  Again I can’t thank you and your staff enough for all that you do and hope that you continue to offer this program for years to come.

Jody Fetterhoff
Womens Head Coach
Adrian College

I had attended bowling camps before but Turbo College Expo blows them all away. You get first class coaching from some of the best bowlers in the world and the chance to perform in a tournament setting in front of college coaches. Dr. Dean Heinz classes on the mental game helped me handle pressure better than ever before. Turbo helped me get recruited and signed with a Division 1 college. I’m looking forward to returning to this year’s Turbo Tech!

Lindsey Rosen

My daughter [Samantha Knight] attended the Collegiate Expo in Detroit in 2013 and what a phenomenal experience!  From day one she was welcomed and encouraged by all of the coaching staff, who clearly share her passion for the sport of bowling. It was a great opportunity for her to learn more about the physical game, the mental game, lane conditions, and ball selection.  She particularly liked the sessions with Dr. Dean Hinitz about the psychology of achieving top performance, and as a parent, I appreciated all the information about preparing for bowling beyond high school.

It was perfect timing to attend the Collegiate Expo just before the Junior Gold tournament. My daughter took everything she learned at the Collegiate Expo and put it good use at the tournament. She had a great showing at Junior Gold, and based on her performances at both the Collegiate Expo and Junior Gold, she was recruited by multiple top schools. The Collegiate Expo opened doors that we didn’t even know existed, and we are so thankful to Turbo Tech for sponsoring this event!

Hilary Knight, Mother of Samantha

Samantha Knight

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the tournament was amazing. It was nice to see so many athletes and to know everything about them almost immediately! No other tournament showcases the athletes in this way. I have recommended the tournament to others and I will definitely be coming back next year!

Jocelyn Davis
Head Coach
Long Island University

Thanks for running the expo I thought it was a great first event. I was pleased to see that there were kids from all over and some with pretty good skill sets. I think this will only increase in size in both collegiate coaches and player participants. I thought it was easier for me as a coach to see the players and thus I was able to do a better job then at some of the premier junior tournaments. Thank you

All in all I think this was great and could very easily see it replace one of the Junior tournaments as a yearly stop.
Thanks again enjoy Bowl Expo.

John Williamson
Head Coach
Vanderbilt University

I want to thank you again for not only allowing me to attend on behalf of my school, but for putting on such an amazing event. Throughout the entire weekend, I heard nothing but great things from parents, bowlers and other coaches. Especially for its first year and being somewhat experimental, you and your team really knocked this out of the park.

At a time when it can seem like there aren’t a lot of things to be excited about in our sport, this proved to be a very inspirational and invigorating experience for the players and the coaches alike. I look forward to many more to come!

Have a wonderful Summer!

Christopher Uffman
Head Bowling Coach
Clarke University
Dubuque, Iowa

Thank you for your inquiry to us about the Collegiate Expo. I entered my daughter [Mikalee Bogue] into the event when she was a Senior in High School…  The quality of instruction and information received during the classroom and on-lane sessions was by far the best I have ever seen at any single event or session…  All of the Professional Instructors were top bowlers of TODAY… and the amount of one-on-one coaching received was certainly far more than I had anticipated. The face-to-face recruiting opportunities alone was worth attendance to the event…

With over 40 years of bowling experience myself, I must say that Turbo Tech has created an opportunity for our student athletes, which far exceeded anything else I have attended in the bowling realm.  I can say with confidence that the Bowling Collegiate Expo is an experience my daughter will remember for many years to come… more so than any title(s) she has earned thus far…

I would like to extend my gratitude to the entire Turbo Tech team… you guys rock!!!

Mike Bogue, Father of Mikalee

Mikalee Bogue

One thing about the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo that made a big difference in my life is that I expanded the game of bowling in which I didn’t think existed. I brought back my push to become a much better bowler than before. Before I went up to Canton, Michigan I thought I was good enough to bowl in the sport and do very well, but I didn’t know much about the technical side. I learned that the technical side of the game is what helps you that much more to reach the goal. Since then, I took what I’ve learned and in college I’ve used all that information and will continue to as I move further in my game.
Thank you!

Nathan Wright

I attended the Turbo Tech Collegiate Expo the summer before my Junior year of high school. Gaining experience and learning how to use sport oils has made a tremendous difference with my game. Attending Dr. Dean Hinitz’s lecture is also a must as he showed me how to not worry about anything else other than my current shot. My high school Junior year bowling season was a huge success!  I gained over 10 pins on my average breaking my high school’s record, secured the anchor position on my bowling team, took 1st place in my conference, and received MVP honors! Turbo Tech also put me in touch with several college coaches who I am currently talking to about my bowling future.
Most recently, I qualified for the North Pointe Junior Gold Finals and will be heading to Buffalo, NY in July!

Kassandra “KaCee” Costello

Going to the Collegiate Expo in 2011 helped me out in the search for the right program for me.  Because of going here, I was able to talk to the coaches of Webber International University.  This has been the best decision that I have ever made academically and for my bowling career. If you are looking for somewhere for multiple schools to look at you and have great coaching at the same time to help improve your game, then the Collegiate Expo is for you.  Keep up the great work Turbo!!

Alex Garza

My name is Sabrina Senninger. I am in my first year of college at Ball State University, unfortunately not bowling due to rigorous academics. I went to Turbo Tech in 2012 and 2013, so the summers before my junior and senior year in high school. Turbo Tech was such an amazing experience! I started bowling my freshman year of high school, and I pretty much learned everything on my own with some pointers by my high school coach. Turbo Tech provided me with the information and the tools that I was not getting through my high school team. Every bit of information I have found valuable, from the physical game to the mental game. I saw great improvement in my average, my abilities to help my fellow high school teammates and a greater drive to compete. Turbo Tech made me a better bowler, a better team captain and increased my love for the game. All of the Pro Bowlers that I talked to were very nice, funny and so helpful. I was a little timid to ask questions, but they tried to listen and help as much as they could. I truly appreciated their coaching and the time they took to help all of us improve our game. Turbo Tech is also a great place to get your name out there to college coaches. While I had already committed myself to Ball State, I was receiving offers from other coaches to go to their university to bowl for their team.

Sabrina Senninger