Turbo Tech™ USBC Certified Regional Training and Development Facility


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Our Facility

Located about 30 miles northeast of Detroit, Michigan, Turbo Tech™ is a USBC Certified Regional Training and Development Facility focused on private instruction for bowlers of all skill levels. Turbo Tech™ offers a host of programs designed to help bowlers improve their on-lane performance and expand their understanding and knowledge of lane play and ball motion. Led by USBC Silver Certified Coach, Jordan Vanover, all lessons are customized to a bowler’s level of understanding and specific areas of desired improvement. Whether you’re new to the sport and want to get a better feel for the basic mechanics of the sport or you’re getting ready for a big event, like a PBA tournament, the Junior Gold or WBT competition, our coaches will work within your style of play and ability to develop a long-term plan for improvement and success. Schedule a lesson today!


Video & Software

Turbo Tech™ employs the latest video Nomad™ recording technology including dual head video, 2 GIGE and I USB 3.0 1280×720 cameras at 60FPS, mobile Surface Pro 3 tablet and Motion View Elite Video Analysis software. This high tech video capture system can pinpoint areas not seen by the naked eye, show you side by side comparisons shot by shot or opposed to some of world greatest professionals. You’ll see your game like you never have before.

Lane Surface & Maintenance

Turbo Tech™ is equipped with 2 different lanes surfaces: Lane 1 – AMF HPL, Lane 2 – Brunswick Pro Anvilane or Pro Lane. We maintain these surfaces and prep various patterns utilizing Kegel’s state of the art Kustodian Plus Lane Machine. The Kustodian Plus features Sanction Technology, the most accurate way of applying precise amounts of lane conditioner to the lane. We can apply just about any type of tournament lane condition including PBA Patterns (Conditions) and WTBA Certified Patterns. For specific details on various lane conditions, check out these web sites:


Pro Shop

A full service pro shop with drill press, measuring tools, and ball maintenance equipment is available to help service and support bowlers during any lesson however it is not open to the public. Our certified coaches will review your arsenal for proper fit, care and layout, offer suggestions to improve equipment performance and in extreme cases correct or repair any equipment to prevent injury.



Bowlers who train at Turbo Tech™ will also have access to our fitness center complete with Nautilus weight systems, free weights, tread mill, row machine and other cardio equipment. By combining on-lane training with a prescribed physical fitness routine, bowlers will increase stamina, tone body and improve overall health to achieve greater success and prevent sports inquiry.