Scholarship Information

One of the great benefits of USBC Youth membership is the chance to earn college scholarships! Several scholarship applications are due Dec. 1, so we encourage association leaders and youth directors to make sure your USBC Youth bowlers are aware of the following scholarships:



Become a Student Member of the International Bowling Media Association. Membership is open to any college student, 25 years of younger, with a major in journalism/communications, or a related field. Applicants must provide a copy of their student i.d. card and proof of age if not listed on i.d.  Annual dues are FREE. The mission of the IBMA is to be bowling’s source of excellence in the gathering and distribution of news and information through multiple media platforms, as well as to encourage the pursuit of bowling media as full or part-time career.


Each year the International Bowling Media Association awards a $5,000 scholarship to a student interested in pursuing a volunteer, full- or part-time career in bowling journalism.  The scholarship, which is named after IBMA, USBC and PBA Hall of Fame journalist Chuck Pezzano, is open to any high school senior or college student.  Applications will be accepted from January 1 – April 30.  For details or to apply, visit  The Chuck Pezzano Scholarship is sponsored by the Billiard & Bowing Institute of America.