International Team


Featured Bowler – Shayna Ng

  • 2012 QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup (champion)
  • 2013 DHC International bowling championship (champion)
  • 2014 Asian Games Incheon (gold medalist)
  • 2015 SEA Games Singapore (gold medalist)
  • 2015 World Women Bowling Championship (gold medalist)
  • 2018 PWBA Las Vegas Open (champion)

Favorite Turbo Product: The grips for sure – I can’t live without them!! I use the quads and they play a huge part in allowing all my executions to be consistent. My other favorite product would be the rock tapes. They keep my muscles sore free and injury free, allowing me to stay competitive all the time

Something People Don’t Know About Me: I can sleep for as long as 12 hours straight if I want to.

Alphabetical Listing

Andersson Pontus Sweden
Blomqvist, Anneli Sundbyberg Sweden
Ciach, Joe Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Clayton, Corey Calgary, AB Canada
Falconi, Daniel Mexico City Mexico
Hilferink, Ramon Babson Park FL
Janahi, Mohamed Dubai Bahrain
Jansson, Markus Sweden
Johnston, Christine Ontario Canada
Larsen, Martin Sweden
Lopez, Tannya
Lorenc, Jaroslav Most Chec Republic
Maclelland, Dan Windsor Canada
Mejia Santiago Medelin Columbia
Ng Shayna Singapore
Oksanen, Joni Jyvaskyla Finland
Oksanen, Mika Kouvola Finland
Oksanen, Niko Missing! Finland
Oliver, Art Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Otalora, Manuel Bogota Columbia
Palerm, Joaquin Dorado Puerto Rico
Palermaa, Osku Finland
Posada, Marina Manggahan Pasig City Philippines
Rivera, David Cali Columbia
Roviana, Luis Ponce, Clausells Puerto Rico
Ruest-Lajoie, Nathan Temiscouata-Sur-Le-Lac Canada
Ruiz, Ildemaro Barquisimeto Venezuela
Simard, David Granby Canada
Sloan, Christopher Perstorp Sweden
Tan Cherie Singapore
Tan Daphne Singapore
Teece, Raymond
Teece, Richard Middlesex England
Toben, Carlos Plantation FL
Tol, Ghislaine Stigter van der Netherlands
Torgersen, Tore Vanersborg Sweden
Tremblay, Henrik Quebec City Canada
Valiente, Francisco Caguas Puerto Rico
Watson, Karrie Winnipeg Canada
Wegner, Cajsa
Wegner, Jenny
Wong, Felicia Canmore Canada