Wrist Restrictor


The Wrist Restrictor is an easy-to-use training aid that can be worn to restrict or enhance wrist rotation during the bowling release. Topping the ball, or over-rotating, at the point of release drastically affects the movement of the ball down lane. The Wrist Restrictor will help sync wrist and elbow through the release to correct over rotation. A backup ball release is a clockwise (RH) or counter clockwise (LH) rotation of the wrist which is opposite of a traditional hook. The Wrist Restrictor helps sync the movement of elbow and wrist limiting rotation and correcting back up ball release.  Product includes 3 pcs: Glove, Forearm Band and Strap.

Color:  Black

Sizes:  XS/SM, M, L/XL (sizes are universal for Left- and Right-hand)

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Weight 0.23125 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 7.5 × .25 in