Skin Protection & Fitting Tapes

Unlike traditional bowling tapes, Turbo Skin Protection and Fitting (SPF) Tapes are worn directly on the fingers and thumb and can be applied in a variety of ways to ease grip tension, modify release and adjust the fit of your thumb and finger holes. When applied before competition, SPF Tapes will reduce or eliminate discomfort caused by blisters, calluses and cuts from dry skin. Try one or try them all!


All COTTON Pre-Cut Skin Protection & Fitting Tapes Available in 100 pc Bulk Rolls for extra savings.



Not sure which style is right for you? Visit your local pro shop.

Many retailers offer single, pre-cut sheets of SPF Tape so you can try one or try them all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a roll or pre-cut package. Affordable and convenient to suit a variety of fitting needs.