Jayhawk Mills

Turbo has partnered with Jayhawk Bowling Supply to offer pro shops a one-stop shop for new shop set-ups or pro shops looking to upgrade their current equipment and accessories.

With over 25 years industry experience, Turbo has partnered with many great brands in the industry to advance the sport and to improve the retail environment. We have known John and Russ for many years and believe the Jayhawk brand exemplifies quality and integrity. It was an easy decision to partner with Jayhawk, a leader in its category for mills and equipment essential for the modern pro shop.” – Lori Mraz, Turbo President.

Turbo wants to help pro shops be the best they can be by making available the best products and services. To be the best, you have to use the best. Pro shops take advantage of extra savings and value by purchasing a Jayhawk Mill today. Contact Jayhawk directly for purchase details at: 785-842-9667 or email johnah@jayhawkbowling.com, or russw@jayhawkbowilng.com


Turbo Turn Key & Switch Grip Starter Packages can be added to any Tri Oval or Oval Maker II Mill purchase.

To include kit with your NEW Tri Oval or Oval Maker II purchase please call Jayhawk directly at: 785-842-9667.