Have you ever wondered exactly what happens when you make a change in your approach?

Do you really know how accurate you are?

Do you wish to better your performance by eliminating your weak spots?

Have you ever wondered how different your bowling balls are?

Do you wish to compete with bowlers without wondering about oil patterns and topography?


Turbo Tech now features KEGEL SPECTO Bowling™, a LIDAR based system that reads ball position on the lanes with high precision accuracy. SPECTO records data from both lanes at Turbo Tech which is then displayed and interpreted by our coaching team using a desktop application. KEGEL SPECTO Bowling™ provides shot related data to bowlers and coaches but also provides amazing practice tools to allow people to focus, practice efficiently  and improve faster. Bowlers can easily evaluate their performances with before and after reports and choose the right path to follow.

Technical Features:

  • Loads Practice Drills for practice sessions
  • Loft distance and board
  • Shows Three phases of ball motion: Skid, Hook & Roll
  • Allows bowlers to load oil patterns
  • Shows pattern exit board in relation to oil pattern
  • New “Line Tool” for practicing targeting, accuracy, line bowling, lane play and spares
  • Can measure revolutions per shot
  • Shows pin deck exit board

For more information on setting up a recording session or lesson using Specto Technology, call:
800-530-9878.  All sessions are scheduled by appt.

Single Shot Target Line

Kegel Specto Lane